Netanyahu's land grab makes peace impossible | Moran

Netanyahu's land grab makes peace impossible | MoranNetanyahu's land grab makes peace impossible | Moran

No one on either side of the endless conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has a practical plan to end the bloody standoff. But we do know what steps snuff out any hope. One is when Hamas fires rockets from Gaza into civilian neighborhoods in southern Israel. Another is when Israel uses its vast military superiority to grab Palestinian land. So, it is immensely disappointing that the prime minister of Israel, our ally in this fight, is promising to formally annex territory in the occupied West Bank if he wins re-election. That would make it impossible for Palestine to form a state, while discrediting any Palestinian leader who works towards reconciliation. If Israel wants to give up on peace and ensure that violence is a permanent feature of life in the region, this is precisely the way to achieve it. The fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made this announcement during the final week of Israel’s election campaign is telling. The polls show him tied or slightly behind. In this, as in all things, Netanyahu has the fawning support of President Trump, who has abandoned four decades of bipartisan American policy by siding wholly with Israel, demolishing any chance that the United States can play a role as mediator. Without seeking a single concession in return, Trump has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and cut off humanitarian aid to Palestinians, while his ambassador said in June that annexation of parts of the West Bank would be justifiable. The problem, of course, is ...
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