Luke Vs. Rey: Who Was The Better Star Wars Protagonist?

Luke Vs. Rey: Who Was The Better Star Wars Protagonist?Luke Vs. Rey: Who Was The Better Star Wars Protagonist?

Bringing up any topic related to Star Wars is a surefire way to set yourself up for a world of arguments, yet there’s always an unavoidable debate over whether Luke Skywalker or Rey was the better protagonist. Their individual trilogies might have different perceptions surrounding them, but both of these heroes are largely accepted by the fanbase. However, there is definitely only one of these two who deserves the title of being the apex protagonist of the series. For this list, we’ve largely considered the young Luke Skywalker, only slightly taking into account the older one. We’ve also focused on in-universe strengths and overall quality of their characters to pick our victor. Every protagonist needs to have a sympathetic quality to them that makes the viewer root for their journey, and that comes through having moments that hit right in the feels. While the sequel trilogy had more of these in quantity for Rey, Luke had the quality ones. In fact, just the scene where he bids goodbye to his father is one that places all the sympathy in the world towards Luke. Scenes depicting the loss of his loved ones have a more genuine feel where Luke is involved, and fans tend to remember these more. There’s nothing to separate the two characters in this area, seeing as both of them had introductions where the viewer instantly took to them. Luke and Rey were shown as being lower class workers in desert planets, and both of them had a youthful ...
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