How the Trail Blazers Can Get More out of Rodney Hood

How the Trail Blazers Can Get More out of Rodney HoodHow the Trail Blazers Can Get More out of Rodney Hood

During his tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the price of Rodney Hood stock drastically dropped. So much so that the Portland Trail Blazers managed to trade two non-rotation players for him. So much so that The Ringer released a video in April titled “The NBA Fans Support Group: When Believing in a Player Goes Wrong,” which led in with Chris Ryan not being able to shake his support for Hood. Hood’s stock plummet ended during his brief stint with the Blazers last year. A strong showing in the Western Conference Semifinals, as well as a rejuvenated passion for the game and a guaranteed starting spot for Portland in the upcoming season, led to a modest increase in its price. Nagging injuries and the same inconsistency that plagued his stops in Utah and Cleveland has prevented Hood’s stock from resembling Pascal Siakam’s, which is making hypothetical investors hypothetical millions. This season, in 30 minutes per game as the team’s third offensive option, Hood is only averaging 11.4 points, 3.5 rebounds and 1.7 three-pointers. Although Hood’s inconsistency does rear its head every few games, his underwhelming stats aren’t the result of poor play. In fact, he’s shooting a career high from the field and from three – 50.4% and 49% respectively. The trouble lies in how the Blazers are utilizing his strengths as a scorer. His opportunities this year have generally come in two manners: • As a product of the offense in which he’s the second ...
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