Flybe to switch Newquay-Heathrow flights to Gatwick

Flybe to switch Newquay-Heathrow flights to GatwickFlybe to switch Newquay-Heathrow flights to Gatwick

Flybe, the airline which has received government help to avert collapse, is planning to scrap its Newquay-Heathrow service in March. It will replace it with flights from Newquay to London's Gatwick airport. It comes just days after ministers said the airline should receive support because of its regional connectivity. The change is expected to anger businesses in the South West, who value the range of international destinations Heathrow provides. "Heathrow puts you on the map when it comes to attracting inward investment," said one regional development official. Cornwall's links to London are considered important enough to make the route one of the few in the UK to be operated under a "public service obligation" contract. This means the government offers a subsidy for the route and invites tenders to operate it. • Flybe: Three questions for the company The BBC understands that Flybe had been talking to Newquay airport about measures that might mitigate the effects of the change to Gatwick. Senior industry sources said the decision to move had now been made and the airline's website has for some time not been selling Newquay-Heathrow flights past the end of March. The route will, however, still qualify for public subsidy. Earlier this week, the government said it would conduct a review of regional connectivity as part of its "levelling up" drive to spread economic growth across the regions. The announcement was made at the same time as ministers approved help for Flybe, which is thought to centre on giving the airline time to ...
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