Book Review - The Furies by Katie Lowe

Book Review - The Furies by Katie LoweBook Review - The Furies by Katie Lowe

The Furies is a book about being a teenage girl, about wanting to fit in and how far you are willing to go for people you think are your friends, but also the rage you feel at how powerless you are to affect the world around you. Told from Violet’s point of view, she describes with no emotion how she ended up at Elm Hollow for sixth form. Elm Hollow is a girls school that goes back generations but also has historical relevance in the area as a place that was affected by the witch trials of the 17th Century. Violet is hard to like, which is made worse by how badly she wants to be liked. When Violet starts at Elm Hollow, she ends up becoming part of a friendship group that is haunted by the death of Emily Frost, the group is comprised of Alex, Grace and Robin. Violet is fascinated by Robin, although it is hard to understand why, as Robin pulls her into more and more dangerous stunts she feels that Robin is using her, but yet keeps allowing herself to follow Robin in anything she suggests. The story gets darker the further into it you get, but leaves open the question as to whether some of the deaths that happen in the book were accidents or whether they have supernatural origins as Robin and Violet cast a spell to call down The Furies. There are several nightmarish moments and betrayals, taken to murderous degrees. The book itself has a ...
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