Best battery apps for mobile phones

Best battery apps for mobile phonesBest battery apps for mobile phones

Your smartphone still needs one of the best battery apps, even as the batteries in phones get bigger than ever. (The Galaxy S20 Ultra features a 5,000 mAh power pack, for example, and it's not the only phone with a beefy battery.) Long battery life is an important part of the mobile lifestyle — after all, the most feature-rich phone in the world won't do you much good if it's out of juice. But even if your smartphone isn't equipped with a ginormous battery, you can still get through the day without having to run to the nearest charging cable. Equip your current device with a good battery monitoring app, and you can get detailed information on the state of your battery's health. Some of these apps even come with power saving features that help you configure device settings in order to maximize your battery life. • Best phone battery life: These are the longest-lasting phones • Optimize your phone with the best Android cleaner apps Here are the best battery apps for making your iPhone or Android device last a long time. The best battery apps for Android Like many of the big name computer security companies that have staked a claim in the mobile space, Avira brings an all-in-one optimization tool to the market, with a combination of cache and memory cleaners and basic security features. Avira Optimizer also offers a battery optimization feature that lets you set battery profiles that tweaks a variety of hardware and software settings to ...
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