3 Stocks to Consider Ahead of the Market Crash

3 Stocks to Consider Ahead of the Market Crash3 Stocks to Consider Ahead of the Market Crash

It's not a question of if, but rather, when. When will stocks come crashing down after a more than decade-long bull run? Six months from now? A year? It's anyone's guess, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare for the inevitable. When it comes to investing with a potential recession looming, it's smart to stick with the companies churning out the necessities -- those things that are needed even when money is tight. That applies to businesses too. Sales may be down during a recession, but there are some things companies have to continue to spend on. Investors who choose to invest in those types of enterprises tend to do better during downturns. To be ready if, and when, a market crash occurs, consider these three stocks. Microsoft software exposure will be attractive in a downturn Stock market crashes usually happen for a reason. If it's because the global economy is slowing, the tech sector typically feels a lot of pain. After all, who has the cash to purchase a new smartphone, laptop, or VR headset when money's tight? But one area of technology that tends to be resilient during slow economic times is software. A leader in that is Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), whose business software is used in both boom and bust periods by scores of companies across the globe. In fact, software budgets even tick up in recessionary times if it boosts productivity and reduces costs. That's not to say Microsoft is 100% immune to ...
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