Living with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Living with the Samsung Galaxy Z FlipLiving with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The Galaxy Z Flip ships with the same “Care Instructions” as the Fold. It’s a five-item list with the following basic points: • None Don’t scratch the screen with a pen or fingernail • None Don’t stick stuff between the screens when folding • None Don’t get it dusty, wet or feed it after midnight • None Don’t get it near credit cards or your pacemaker Unlike the last time around, however, these warnings seem to have been included out of an (understandable) abundance of caution. As stated in my hands-on the other day, the Flip feels more solid than the Fold in just about every way, from the folding mechanism to the display, which now sports foldable protective glass. A couple of notes before we start here. First, and most importantly, this is a rare 24-hour device loan. Short loan times are not entirely uncommon with high-end products, but a single day is a bit extreme. I’m being upfront about this because: • None You can only go into so much depth with limited time. • None It’s worth noting what appears to be a bit of caution on Samsung’s part. This isn’t a case of an early product in limited supply. The Z Flip went on sale today (happy Valentine’s/Sonic the Hedgehog Day to you and yours). If I had to venture a guess, it would be that Samsung is still reeling a bit from fallout from the Fold, which found a number of review devices breaking prior ...
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